Vol 3, No 2 (2014)

International Journal of Food Studies

DOI: https://doi.org/10.7455/ijfs/3.2.2014


This is the 2th issue (vol.3, issue 2) of International Journal of Food Studies (IJFS), a journal of the ISEKI_Food Association.

As usual, I am pleased to find in this new issue different aspects able to interest, directly or as good examples, the whole International food community as teachers and students (transmission of knowledge, learning), new (PhD) and confirmed researchers, and actors in food industry and consumers.

Research papers (from all around the world) deal with products, processes with a good scientific approach (modelling, data treatment) with the final aim of better quality and safety:

- Improvement of techniques of analyses for aroma-active compounds; prediction of heat transfer in a cold food chain process in a hospital kitchen.

- positive blanching pre-treatment of grapes before solar drying; aging process of herbs to modify organoleptic properties.

- use of sunflower by-product as a protein source; better knowledge of fermented cereal-based foods; cookies prepared with blends of local cereals in Africa; shelf life of fruit Brazilian nectars enriched in ascorbic acid.

And teachers describe in details general and specific competences to acquire during PhD studies; and an example of improved teaching in Food Chemistry for 3rd BSc students. That shows the permanent desire of teachers to prepare students for their work life in the best way.

Thanks to all to share their results and good reading!

Prof. Elisabeth Dumoulin  | member of IA – ISEKI Academy - https://www.iseki-food.net/general/academy

Table of Contents

- Education methods

Chelo Gonzalez-Martinez, Cristina LM Silva, Rui Costa
Julie Lisa Dunne

- Research and application

Margarida Cortez Vieira, Cristina L.M. Silva
Abiodun Adekunle Olapade, Mary Abimbola Adeyemo
Patience Chisa Obinna-Echem, Victor Kuri, Jane Beal
Petia Ivanova, Vesela Ivanova Chalova, Lidia Koleva
Jose A. Rabi, Evelyne Derens-Bertheau, Elisabeth Morelli, Isabelle Trezzani-Harbelot
Santiago Alexi Holowaty, Sergio Alejandro Surkan, Valeria D. Trela, German Darío Byczko, Miguel Eduardo Schmalko
Inês Nunes Ramos, Teresa R.S. Brandão, Cristina L.M. Silva
Songul Kesen, Hasim Kelebek, Serkan Selli