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The international Journal of Food Studies produces annually an oficial report on its activities.

Digital Archiving Policy

IJFS is committed to the permanent availability and preservation of scholarly research and to ensure accessibility by converting and upgrading digital file formats to comply with new technology standards. We work in partnership with Portico to assure digital archive.

Portico is a not-for-profit service committed to the preservation of digital publications, including e-journals, e-books, and digitized historical collections.

Founded in 2002, Portico ( has built a trusted and reliable community-based “dark” archive. From the beginning, Portico engaged the academic community—including libraries and the scholarly publishing industry—to develop a robust digital preservation service. Portico understands the preservation needs of these groups, and is built on the concept that each must support the creation and maintenance of the archive. Portico is certified as a “trustworthy digital repository” by the Center For Research Libraries (CRL) and is a service of the not-for-profit organization ITHAKA (