The fortification of biscuits with coriander leaf powder and its effect on physico-chemical, antioxidant, nutritional and organoleptic characteristics

Deepali Mohite, Roji Waghmare


The aim of this study was to examine the effects of coriander powder substitutions at various proportions in biscuits. The coriander leaf powder (CLP) was rich in essential minerals like calcium (2805.46 mg/100 g), iron (42.1 mg/100 g) and phosphorous (44.36 mg/100g). The scavenging activity of CLP was 93.34% and the total phenolic content was found to be 40.43 μg/ ml GAE. The biscuits were prepared using 10, 20 and 30% CLP and were baked at 180 °C for 17 minutes. Biscuits were evaluated for their nutritional composition, antioxidant activities, phenolic content, texture, sensory quality and shelf life over 21 days. The macronutrients, antioxidant activities, phenolic content and hardness increased with increasing concentrations of coriander powder. According to the overall acceptability scores from sensory evaluation, 10% and 20% CLP supplemented biscuits were more acceptable than 30% CLP supplemented biscuits.


Biscuits; coriander powder; antioxidant activity; shelf life; fortification

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