Optimization of the Extraction of Antioxidants and Caffeine from Maté (Ilex paraguariensis) Leaves by Response Surface Methodology

Vanessa Graciela Hartwig, Miguel Eduardo Schmalko, Stella Maris Alzamora, Luis Alberto Brumovsky


Optimal conditions for the industrial extraction of total polyphenols from maté (Ilex paraguariensis) were determined using response surface methodology, with two independent variables: ethanol percentage of the extraction solution and liquid to solid ratio. Response variables were total polyphenol content, antioxidant capacity, concentration of total polyphenols and caffeine content.

The optimal conditions found were a liquid to solid ratio from 8 - 9 w w-1 and ethanol percentage of the extraction solution from 30 -50 % w w-1. Under these conditions the main predicted values corresponding to leaf extracts were 40 μg chlorogenic acid equivalents mL-1 of original extract, 13 g chlorogenic acid equivalents per 100 g dry matter for total polyphenol content, 22 g Trolox equivalents and 15.5 g ascorbic acid equivalents per 100 g dry matter for antioxidant capacity. The total polyphenol content of twig extracts was 36% lower than that in the leaf extracts.


Extraction; optimization; Ilex paraguariensis; polyphenols; antioxidant capacity

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