Flax seeds and finger millet enriched functional rusk

Amit Lohan, Ravinder Kaushik, Vikas Bansal, Kamal Gandhi


Bakery products are generally made up of refined wheat flour that may be deficient in both fibre and essential fatty acids. In this study α-linolenic acid and fibre enriched rusk using flax seeds and finger millet were developed. The proportions of finger millet, flax seed and wheat flours were optimized using Response Surface Methodology (RSM). On the basis of fibre and ALA content and baking quality characteristics of rusk 13.13%, 6.0% and 80.6% of finger millet, flax seed and wheat flours, respectively was finalized. The developed rusk contained 4.81% fibre and 1.36% α-linolenic acid. Wet and dry gluten content, SDS sedimentation, falling number, dough raising capacity of yeast and baking time of mixed flour of these components were statistically (p>0.05) similar to that of wheat flour (control). However, higher loaf weight and lower loaf height was observed in mixed flour rusk in comparison to control rusk. α-linolenic acid and fibres enriched rusk were developed with similar quality parameters and improved functional properties.


Fortification; flax seeds; finger millet; rusk; α-linolenic acid

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