Evaluation of physical, milling and cooking properties of four new rice (Oryza sativa L.) varieties in Nigeria

Mayowa S. Sanusi, Rahman Akinoso, Nahemiah Danbaba


This comparative study investigated some physical, milling and cooking properties of four new rice varieties (FARO 44, FARO 52, FARO 60 and FARO 61) in Nigeria. The varieties were processed into white rice and their properties analyzed separately using standard procedures. Results showed that paddy length, paddy-length-to-width-ratio, equivalent diameter, sphericity, grain volume, aspect ratio, thousand paddy grain weight, milled rice length, milled rice width, milled rice length to width ratio, milling recovery, head milled rice, broken milled rice, L*, a*, b*, elongation ratio, cooked-rice-length-to-breadth-ratio, water uptake ratio and cooking time were significantly different (p<0.05) for all the varieties. Milling recovery was found to vary from 65.3 to 68.33%; with FARO 60 having the highest head milled rice. It was observed that FARO 44 had the longest cooking time, elongation ratio and cooked rice length/breadth ratio while FARO 61 was found to have the highest water uptake ratio. There was significant positive correlation (r = 0.824) between percentage head milled rice and milling recovery while negative correlation existed between cooking time and L* (r= - 0.711). This information could be exploited by rice processors in the post-harvest processing of the varieties.


rice varieties; white rice; physical properties; milling properties; cooking properties

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