Effect of antimicrobial on mechanical, barrier and optical properties of corn starch based self-supporting edible film

Tanima Chowdhury, Madhusweta Das


Antimicrobials like potassium sorbate, sodium propionate, and benzoic acid were incorporated in corn starch based formulation to investigate their effect on mechanical, water vapour barrier and optical properties of the developed self supporting edible film. The film was prepared by casting technique.

When incorporated at 1.40% and above, potassium sorbate decreased the tensile strength (about 22%) and increased the elongation (about 55%) of control film; whereas, it increased the water vapour permeability by 15% only when added at 2.66%. At 2.66%, benzoic acid reduced the tensile strength by 24% and sodium propionate increased elongation by 17%. These two antimicrobials did not change the water vapour permeability. However, all the three antimicrobials adversely affected the optical properties by decreasing the whiteness index, increasing yellowness index, and reducing the surface gloss, with potassium sorbate showing the maximum effect. Among the three antimicrobials, sodium propionate appeared to be the best with minimum deterioration of film properties.


Edible film; antimicrobial film; starch film

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