Effect of fish gelatin on the characteristics of horn plantain banana (Musa paradisíaca fa. Corniculata)-based ice cream

Ratih Kurniasari, Sabrina Sabrina, Annisa Nabila Salma, Fathma Syahbanu


Ice cream is a frozen dairy product that includes healthy and nutritious aspects. To improve the value of the health benefits, it is necessary to develop functional ice cream products. One such addition is horn plantain bananas, which have the benefit of having a high dietary fiber and pectin content. In order to make ice cream, gelatin must be used as a stabilizer. The increase of non-halal gelatin has led to improvements in the production of halal gelatin derived from fish. This study was performed to evaluate the effect of adding fish gelatin to the characteristics of plantain banana (Musa paradisiaca fa. Corniculata)-based ice cream. This study used a pre-experimental design with a fully randomized design and one component, the addition of varying quantities of fish gelatin (A1: 0%, A2: 0.25%, and A3: 0.5%) with three replicates. The characteristics (taste, fragrance, texture, and colour), melting time, and overrun were evaluated. The Duncan Multiple Range Test as post-hoc teste was used to continue ANOVA-based data analysis. The results demonstrated that the inclusion of fish gelatin at various levels did not significantly alter the degree of preference for colour, fragrance, flavour, or overrun. Texture and melting time were different (p <0.05). According to this study, the ice cream that the panelists preferred had an average overrun value of 52.67 ± 9.87, a melting time of 26.0 ± 0.1 minutes, and was made using the A3 formulation with 0.5% fish gelatin.


Ice cream; horn plantain banana; fish gelatin

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