Production and evaluation of an instant maize-soy flour enriched with refractance window dried jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus L.) powder

Sophie Nansereko, John Muyonga, Yusuf Byaruhanga


Porridge is a staple food in many developing countries and is usually used as a weaning or breakfast food. The increased preference for convenient and healthy meals has increased the desire for nutrient enriched instant flours. Jackfruit is an underutilised fruit that is rich in vitamin C and other bioactive components. This study aimed to evaluate dried jackfruit powder as an ingredient for porridge flour. Formulations were made by substituting varying levels (0, 10, 20 and 30, 40 and 50%) of an extruded maize-soy blend (MSB) constituting 70% maize and 30% soy with refractance window dried jackfruit powder. The composite flours were used to make porridges which were analysed for their sensory acceptability by a 60-member semi-trained panel. The viscosity, water holding capacity, oil holding capacity, solubility index and bulk density of the flours were also assessed. Porridge acceptability, flour proximate composition, ascorbic acid and carotenoid content for the most preferred experimental formulation were compared to commercial maize-based instant flour and plain maize-soy instant flour.  The most acceptable porridge was made from the 50% MSB and 50% jackfruit flour blend. The 50% jackfruit-MSB blend and control commercial instant flours attained drinking viscosity (2,500–3,000 cP) at 20% and 31% flour rates. The energy, protein, iron, calcium, β-carotene, and vitamin C densities of jackfruit - MSB porridge were  47.8 %, 48.9 %,  158.1 %, 226.5 %, 230.3 % and  125.9 % higher than those obtained from plain MSB  porridge respectively. The results show the potential of jackfruit as an ingredient for the nutritional enrichment of flours meant for making porridge.


: Refractance window drying technology, jackfruit powder, instant flours, extrusion, functional properties

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