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The International Journal of Food Studies (IJFS), a journal of the ISEKI_Food Association, is an international peer-reviewed open-access journal featuring scientific articles on the world of Food in Education, Research and Industry. This journal is a forum created specifically to improve the dissemination of Food Science and Technology knowledge between Education, Research and Industry stakeholders. Core topics range from raw materials, through food processing, including its effect on the environment, to food safety, nutrition and consumer acceptance. To enrich this forum the journal is also open to other food-related topics such as food policy and food anthropology.

Original contributions relevant to the following topics will be considered for publication:
  • Education methods, including Life Long Learning and e-learning;
  • Research and application in academia, research, industry;
  • Critical reviews of scientific literature by researchers, students, invited authors;
  • Exchange of views and opinions of a scientific nature including testimonies on career experiences in Food Industry/Research/Education (required skills, challenges and successes).



Original research, reviews, opinions, testimonies and best practices coming from professionals either from the sectors of Education, Research or Industry are welcome to be published in this journal.

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The International Journal of Food Studies is mainly directed to scientists, technologists, researchers, teachers and students working in the food sector.


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Vol 3, No 1 (2014): International Journal of Food Studies


This is the 5th issue (vol.3 | issue 1) of International Journal of Food Studies (IJFS), a journal of the ISEKI_Food Association.

We have the pleasure to inform you that IJFS is now indexed by EBSCO information services (

We wish you appreciate this new issue of the IJFS, and look forward to continue receiving submissions of your work in the field of Food studies in Education, Research and Industry.



Cristina L.M. Silva | CBQF – Centro de Biotecnologia e Química Fina – Laboratório Associado, Escola Superior de Biotecnologia, Universidade Católica Portuguesa/Porto | Portugal


Table of Contents

- Research and application

Effect of Buckwheat Processing Products on Dough and Bread Quality Made from Whole-Wheat Flour PDF
Vira Drobot, Anastasiya Semenova, Jelyzaveta Smirnova, Larisa Mykhonik
Effects of Lactic Acid Fermentation on the Retention of Β-Carotene Content in Orange Fleshed Sweet Potatoes PDF
Benard O. Oloo, A. A. Shitandi, S. Mahungu, J. B. Malinga, Rose B. Ogata
Determination of the antioxidant capacity, total phenolic and flavonoid contents of seeds from three commercial varieties of culinary dates PDF
Jacopo Mistrello, Sameera Dewundara Sirisena, Abdollah Ghavami, Richard James Marshall, Suresh Krishnamoorthy
Popping characteristics of paddy using microwave energy and optimization of process parameters PDF
Ajay Kumar Swarnakar, M. Kalpana Devi, S. K. Das
Effect of protease inhibitors on thermal gelation of squid (Illex argentinus). mantle paste PDF
Maria Elida Paredi, Emilio Aldo Manca, Marcos Crupkin
Dried Fruit Matrices Incorporated with a Probiotic Strain of Lactobacillus plantarum PDF
Catarina Ribeiro, Ricardo Freixo, Joana Silva, Paul Gibbs, Alcina Morais, Paula Teixeira
Effect of texturized soy protein on quality characteristics of beef samosas PDF
Mary Omwamba, Symon M. Mahungu, Abdul K. Faraj
The relationship between antibrowning, anti-radical and reducing capacity of Brassica and Allium extracts PDF
Mariela C Bustos, Lina Marcela Agudelo-Laverde, Florencia Mazzobre, Pilar Buera

- Critical reviews of scientific literature

Vegetable milks and their fermented derivative products PDF
Neus Bernat, Maite Cháfer, Amparo Chiralt, Chelo González-Martínez
The Regulation of Food Science and Technology Professions in Europe PDF
Rui Costa, Sonja Smole Možina, Paola Pittia

ISSN: 2182-1054