Vol 1, No 1 (2012)

International Journal of Food Studies

DOI: https://doi.org/10.7455/ijfs/1.1.2012



It is with great pleasure that we are delivering the 1st issue of International Journal of Food Studies (IJFS), a journal of the ISEKI_Food Association. IJFS is an international peer-reviewed open-access journal featuring scientific articles on the world of Food in Education, Research and Industry to improve the dissemination of Food Science and Technology knowledge among Education, Research and Industry stakeholders.

This journal will be published twice per year and is mainly directed to scientists, technologists, researchers, teachers and students working in the food sector.

This milestone publication has been the fruit of hard and brave work developing the journal system, appointingjournal editorial boards, selecting peer reviewers and finally receiving the trust of authors that submit their best work.

We wish you appreciate this 1st issue of the IJFS and we look forward to receive your contributions on Food Science and Technology knowledge bridging Education, Research and Industry.



Cristina L.M. Silva | Catholic University of Portugal | Portugal


Table of Contents

- Education methods

Enrique Palou, Lourdes Gazca, Juan Antonio Díaz García, José Andrés Rojas Lobato, Luis Geraldo Guerrero Ojeda, José Francisco Tamborero Arnal, María Teresa Jiménez Munguía, Aurelio López-Malo, Juan Manuel Garibay

- Research and application

Miguel E. Schmalko, Myrian G. Acuña, Griselda P. Scipioni
Zebin Wang, Jason Lombardi, Jessica Shaffer, Ted Wong
Charalampos Proestos, Athanasios Bakogiannis, Michael Komaitis
Alejandra Mabellini, Elizabeth Ohaco, Carlos Alberto Márquez, Antonio De Michelis, Jorge Enrique Lozano
Lilian A Gogo, Kennedy O. Gogo, Peter L. Shalo, Symon Maina Mahungu
Li Zuo Taitano, R.P. Singh
Hilda Nyati, Rijkelt Beumer, Stijn van der Veen, Wilma Hazeleger, Tjakko Abee

- Critical reviews of scientific literature

Semih Otles, Ilknur Selek

- Exchange of views and opinions of a scientific nature

Harris N. Lazarides