Kinetics of Hydrolyzing Isolated Soy Protein by an Endopeptidase and its Conceptual Application in Process Engineering

Zebin Wang, Jason Lombardi, Jessica Shaffer, Ted Wong


A response study and the effects of different parameters (pH, temperature and enzyme dose) on kinetics of isolated soy protein hydrolysis by a trypsin-like endopeptidase (TL1) were conducted. Degree of hydrolysis (%DH) data varied at different times under different hydrolysis conditions. Fitting the kinetics data to Michaelis-Menten kinetics model did not result in reasonable kinetic parameters, which implied that Michaelis-Menten kinetics was invalid for such a hydrolysis process. A kinetics model proposed by (Gonzalez-Tello, Camacho, Jurado, Paez, & Guadix, 1994) was found to fit the kinetics curve well and resulted in acceptable model parameters. A simple simulation example was performed to demonstrate the concept of how the kinetics equation could be applied in process engineering.


isolate soy protei; protein hydrolysis; hydrolysis kinetics; Trypsin-like endopeotidas; process simulation

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